I am a craftsman passionate about the work copper, metal and flame painting.

This shop is the result of an evolution of art that I practice or coloring torch on copper and steel.

I always liked working with my hands, since my young age and loved doing arts. Young adult, I worked 5 years as a jeweler in downtown Montreal, but life took me to other ways to make a living. In recent years, I made a small studio in my basement to start making jewelery for my pleasure. There are some years, surfing the Net, I have seen people using a torch jeweler and metal produced art quite spectacular, I immediately understood that this was what I wanted to do. I inquired and I bought the equipment necessary for this technique. Passionate about what I was doing, I took a course on Flame Painting in the United States to improve my art. copper work and the "torch coloring" that's what I'm doing now.

The nature of art is to be constant evolution, I dream of making larger formats and 3D objects using mixed metals. In the near future I will have a new workshop or it will be possible for me to fulfill my inspirations. Who knows what the future holds ...